Youth Force Australia by Varsha De Silva

Source:brisbane 4eb sri lankan newsletter – dæhæna – october 2021

Youth Force Australia by Varsha De Silva

If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich. Hence why here, at Youth Force Australia, we work towards bettering the lifestyle of our fellow brothers & sisters livingacross the rural areas of Sri Lanka. Together with our generous donors, we strive to nurture the dreams of our children to make a better
What we do
Youth Force Australia together with Youth Force Sri Lanka involvesin a number of projects to aid the livelihoods of children in order tosupport their fight to rise above the struggle to gain knowledge. Project Aranayaka & Project Ampara are currently the most, beneficial programs conducted by our facilitators from Australia, Sri Lanka &
Philippines. This wide spread of facilitator team has not only educated our little children living in Sri Lanka, but also developed in building their character to be confident & outstanding students in our society. Thereby, we are proud of Youth Force Australia as it has opened up a pathway for students to enhance their knowledge capacity in English to bridge the language gap in the society.
Our Intentions
“Nothing that you have not given away will truly be yours”, Hence why we call upon Universities, Industry Giants & Facilitators to join hands with our amazing committee & member body in this worthy cause to promote opportunities for the young blood to take on the future of the world to make existence for everyone, equally efficient & better. Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved & believes in the goodness of humanity.
Reach us on Mob: +61 412 501 222

Varsha De Silva

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