Macarena – Jordan Frisbee & Emeline Rochefeuille – Champions Jack&Jill


Jordan Frisbee got Emeline Rochefeuille at the famous Invitational/Champions Jack&Jill at the sunday of Budafest. The game – introduced by Emcee TJ Bednash – this year was to pick a theme and get three songs. After every song they could choose if you wanna keep or switch the song. But only 2 times or you have to take the third song. Jordan and Emeline took the second song after a loud recommondation of the

audience. And the song was the summer-hit of 1996 Macarena by Los del Rio.

Jordan and Emeline did an amazing job with this song!

Dancer: Jordan Frisbee & Emeline Rochefeuille

Emcee: TJ Bednash

Event: Budafest 2020

Dance: West Coast Swing

Competition: Champions Invitational Jack&Jill

Date: January 5th 2020

Location: Hotel Intercontinental, Budafest, Hungary

Song: Los del Rio – Macarena [1996]

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