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“Unique” is the only description that fits Halgolla Plantation Home which has been catering to guests from around the world for the past six years with an unmatched degree of acceptance.

The “Home” has been occupied by the van der Poorten family since the mid-nineteenth century and the spice crops on it – cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pepper and vanilla – and the better than forty varieties of fruit it carries are being organically cultivated and processed, increasing the skill and earning capacity of our village neighbours.

Self-guided walking trails give guests the opportunity to traverse the property with relative ease, from the Soaking Pool to Meditation Flat and beyond. Mongoose, pangolins, wild pigs, muntjac (barking deer), chevrotain (mouse deer), rusty spotted cats, monkeys, slender loris, giant squirrels and a plethora of avian species share the land with us.











Part of the HPH dining room

HPH has one four-bed unit, a two bed unit with en suite toilet, bath and shower and one two-bed unit with a private toilet and shower. Hot water, produced by our antique wood-burning heater, is available around the clock, and HPH’s incomparable Sri Lankan cuisine is prepared in clay pots on an open-hearth.
The fruit, jams, jellies, preserves and fruit drinks you are served at HPH, at no extra charge, come from our land.

HALGOLLA PLANTATION HOMEThe largest Samadhi Buddha Statue, carved out of the living granite, 67.5 feet tall; the famed Silver Temple; Buddhism’s most venerated site, the Dalada Maligawa, and the famed Royal Botanical Gardens at Peradeniya, are among the myriad attractions within a few dozen kilometers or less of HPH.


Part of living room

For more information check our website, www.halgollaplantationhome.com, email us at emil@halgollaplantationhome.com or phone us at +94 (0)77 347 0702 (Arlene) or or +94 (0)76 975 2176(Emil) 

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