sunil thenabaduBehind all the songs and music that we hear, there are some untold stories. Stories of those musicians who dedicated their lives to music. Stories of each of their career paths are identified by them. In a competitive and saturated industry like music, one needs a lot of luck to thrive.  Young Shalika Ishan  is one who is establishing himself in the industry to thrive in this industry been in the midst for over  a decade  having commenced music just after leaving school  with innate talent without any hereditary affiliations. Shalika is a native of Deraniyagala, apart from Father and Mother he has only a sister Shalika has had his initial education in schools in his native village and in schools in the Kegalle district before moving to Ananda College Maradana for his Advanced level.Of course with innate talent for music Shalika  possesses a robust passion and an appetite for music in abundant proportions. Any person with a passion for music in comparing to those in the annals of history in musical careers there had been no stable income when one start to embark upon this path.Many commence music as a passion but to transform passion into a career is a path of a struggle but Shalika had navigated over with complete dedication and hard work which is the only way to stardom and to be successful. The foremost characteristics needed to be successful musician are confidence, practice, ,modesty, perseverance, not giving up attitude which are possessed by young Shalika Ishan who is a pleasant and an inspiring individual with down to earth modest attributes. 

Shalika is now domiciled in Moratuwa, is married his spouse is a University lecturer.After leaving school with his desire for music linked with instinctive talent had joined Bellwood institute affiliated to the National Youth Services Centre to study various fields in music to develop skills to become a competent musician, a player, conductor and an instrumentalist. Simultaneously Shalika had studied a diploma course for Sangeeth Visharada at Bhathkande University ,in Lucknow India. Shalika’s professional career in music could be portrayed as a musician, composer,conductor and a director of music.Shalika had directed music in several television channels and radio cum FM channels. Some of the programs for which Shalika backed up and presently backing up, assisted with his band “SHALIKA with SHA” are “ Mal Bara Derana”,  “Siras Sathi Aga Sadaya”, “Rupavahin Chakra Watiya”, “Rupavahini knowledge First”, “Nugasevana”,“Kedellaka Sandella”,”Rhythm Chat”,”Thurunu Tharu”,”Doramadalawa”,”Shanida Sadaya”,”Ridma Rathriya”,”Rasanandaya”,”Hathdinnath Tharu”,”Kedellaka Sandella”,”Rhythm Chat”,”Thurunu Tharu”,”Doramadalawa”,Shanida Sadaya”.”Ridmarathriya”,”Rasanandaya”,”Hathdinnath Tharu”, In addition has contributed music to a number of teledramas as a music director like in “Le Neyo” ,”Ingi Bigi”,,”Hinawena Balum Bola”,”Loku Iskole Mahaththaya” Etc. 

Shalika had been entrusted to deliver music for a number of documentary programs of the SLRC and other institutions for which he had received accolades, laurels and also awards. The hall mark of Shalika’s success could be attributed for his perseverance and dedication to any task with the never give up attitude instilled within him. These attributes possessed by him are well known to related authorities in all television and radio channels who sans any fear entrust tasks of even huge magnitudes to him. Shalika is now well conversant through sheer practice in composing melodies and directing music with the able assistance of his band “Shalika with Sha”. 

Shalika had composed and directed music for famous Lyricists like Bandara Eheliyagoda, Rathansri Wijesinghe,Ven Rambukkana Siddartha thera,  Mihira Sirithilaka etc  for songs sung by Shashika Nisansala,Saman Lenin ,Dumal Warnkulasuriya,Krishan Erandaka.Rohan Shantha Bulegoda,Somasiri Medagedera.Viraj Bathiya etc., also given a  significant hand to many novice vocalists too. 

Apart from the above programs in Rupavahini channels Shalika had been invited to sing in the popular SLRC television program telecast on 116th January 2022 the  “Sihinayaki re” along with Sithara Madushani which he performed admirably receiving accolades from the popular veteran presenter Mahesh Nissanka. 

When not engaged in outdoors Shalika dedicate himself working in his own studio always endeavouring to improve his existing competences to uplift them also deviating from the monotonous themes for which all his followers would wish him.All well-wishers of Shalika  would no doubt wish him a stupendous future in his preferred profession. 

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