This came to me (I really cannot understand why) !!, via two famous Burgher buggers (only jokin, guys), Gerald Vandergert & Keith Bennett, either of whom are not averse to the odd drink or three, I think, because I, me, and myself also kinda liked the booze many years ago. Both Gerald and Keith should know (hopefully), that for the past 30 years or so, cold water is my only drink. I have not touched alcohol of any sort, don’t miss it, and have lasted as long as I have, because of it. Sounds unbelievable, I know, because, during my term with the Royal Ceylon Navy, WATER was the only drink I never partook of. Nothing to brag about, but we Navy guys drank anything we could get hold of, except water. I once downed a bottle of arrack at H,M,Cy,S. Gemunu 2, Kochchikade, drinking it all down neat, then took a bus, home to Dehiwala, only to pass out, unconscious for the next two days. They used to tell me that I could hold my liquor, but didn’t tell me that it could also kill me, and, that time, it almost did. There were many such happy drinking sessions. On another occasion, my good buddy Denis Roberts, myself and two others, Derrick Cramer, and Petty Officer, at the time,  Carlo Ephraims, drank about 25 bottles of Tiger Beer at the nearby Galle face Hotel, in one evening, taking time out at intervals just to empty our bladders. Denis & Carlo have now passed on, to a bar in the sky, God bless them. I am not sure about Derrick, but I am now in the departure lounge myself at 85 years, in July 2021., still alive and kicking, but only JUST!!. However, if I could stop drinking, smoking and chasing wild women, so can you, eh! Drinking starts it all, so WHY DRINK ??please enjoy the video.

          Desmond Kelly.
(Editor-in-Chief)  eLanka.

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