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Sunil de Silva

Sunil De Silva

Sunil De Silva, a lawyer of immense repute who strode the legal halls of fame in Sri lanka and Australia passed way peacefully in Gosford, New South Wales on the 1st of March. He was 80 years old. Sunil was well known amongst thoe living in New South Wales, Australia, more for his affability, wit, instant rejoinders and his ongoing engagement with the Sri Lankan community. 

He was colosus, not just in his intellect, but his demeanor! A larger than life figure who one could never miss in a crowd! Despite all this, he was a kind and soft person within, and would melt emotionally when seeing unfortunate circumstances befalling others. He was a a lover of drama and acted in many stage productions and recently, took to the cinema as well. His many roles in stage productions, and the unique roles he took on will not be forgotten.  Not many perhaps will know that a favourite hobby of his was carpentry work, and that he produced some works of art in this field. He was also a great cook, who produced wonderful dishes, of course being very liberal with additives that mattered for taste like butter!

Always a pratical man, he took to whatever activities he enaged in with gusto and dedication.  No doubt, many will write about Sunil and his legal carreer and the many senior and serious responsibilities he took on, both in Sri Lanka and Australia. Some others will write about Sunil the artist, and Sunil the community leader. For many like myself, Sunil was a friend, a person to talk to about politics or personal matters or share a joke, sometime ribald ones! He had a ready collection to suit an occasion.

Many who knew Sunil closely will miss going to his home in Gosford and enjoying a super repast after a drink or two, and will miss his hearty laughs.

Sunil leaves behind his wonderful companion, friend and partner Senanie, and their son Sidath, a very reputed cinematographer in Australia. Sunil and Senanie lost their beloved daughter Samanthi a few years ago. 

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