eLanka | An interview with Shamilka Samarasinha, Global Head- Corporate Social Responsibility at EPAM System


An interview with Shamilka Samarasinha, Global Head- Corporate Social Responsibility at EPAM System


1.What category will you be judging?

I will be judging the Champions of Change category

2. What excites you about being a BIMA 100 judge this year?

2020 was filled with extraordinary and unprecedented challenges posed on our communities. It is a privilege to support BIMA 100 and recognize those trailblazers who stepped up and significantly impacted in their communities.

3. What do you expect to be the most challenging part of judging the BIMA 100?

This year we saw the world wake up to the realities of those struggling like never before. The hardest part of judging will be to narrow down the list, as I’m sure each nomination will have a compelling and inspirational story. The world was not prepared for COVID-19, but the outpouring of love and care combined with the passion to innovate and disrupt for good is immeasurable.

4. As a judge of Champions for Change category, what specific elements will you be looking for amongst this year’s nominees?

Social innovation at the best of times, knows no boundaries. COVID-19 enabled us to disrupt and exploit ideas to purposefully impact for good. I will look for the circumstances and personal stories behind those nominated as a Champion of Change. Most often, those who give themselves to impact for good are selfless but also have their own compelling story that makes them special. This will be a vital element I consider when nominating under this category.

5. Ahead of judging, what expectations do you hold about this year’s BIMA 100?

I am confident we will have an unprecedented number of quality nominations. COVID-19 and the struggles of today forced us to reconsider and reevaluate our purpose in life—the struggles faced have been dark and stark. Across the UK, people have come forward to selflessly support the needs of those most vulnerable. For this year’s BIMA 100, I believe we will see a record number under the category who have worked tirelessly to impact for good.

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