“COUNTRY MUSIC” – By Des Kelly


This is something extra-special for all my readers/members of e’Lanka

As almost everyone knows, my love for Music has been with me for almost 85 years now. I was born into music, as both Mum and Dad were musically minded, with Mum actually having won prizes for singing and entertaining her young school-friends. 

          While I enjoy all good music, my forte’ has always been Country Music.

However, with everything that has been happening recently, even in America, where I believe that there are many more Radio-Stations than anywhere else in the World, playing mainly Country Music, things seem to be slacking off, recently, (more’s the pity), but rather than go through an Epistle on these happenings, I suddenly You-Tubed this particular song, by sheer accident, and because I have always believed that a song is simply a very condensed story, decided to present it to all my readers, personally. 

          I had not heard of the Bellamy Brothers for quite a while. They are from Canada, very famous in the Country field of music, remembered especially for their big hit “If I had a beautiful body, (would you hold it against me), and in keeping with their penchant for rather long song titles, I was amazed that they produced this song, in amalgamation with another older Country Singer by the name of John Anderson, telling ME what I particularly did not want to hear. The song, “No Country Music For Old Men” was first published on February 5th, 2021 (not so very long ago), yet has already scored more than 2 million views. Here’s hoping that all e’Lanka fans will enjoy these Bellamy Brothers’ hits, and will help me to keep Country Music keeping on. When you listen to their lyrics and enjoy their music, I am sure you will agree that this story is pretty special. It was done especially for YOU.


Desmond Kelly

 Desmond Kelly
(Editor-in-Chief) e’Lanka. 

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