BEING PARENTS  by Somabandhu Kodikara

BEING PARENTS  by Somabandhu Kodikara   A mother of a five year old met me and said that her son made a strange remark. She said the child was not spending sufficient time at home on his school work and that both her husband and she were pressurizing him to do so. One day when the father got a little angry and raised his voice, the child has asked ‘Are there no parents in this world anymore? Why is everybody a teacher?’ Though asked by a five year old, it is a question that deserves a good answer. A child would have literally hundreds of teachers in his life, but just one father and one mother. Therefore, if the parents too start playing the role of teacher, the child might easily get disillusioned. This does not mean that parents should leave education of the child solely in the hands of the teacher. They should necessarily involve themselves in the learning process but with a different perspective. HOME PLAY The first step…

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