“A TEA-PLUCKING PRODIGY” – By Des Kelly    He needs no introduction, need I say more ?, Van Langenberg’s the name, we call him Joe. Anything on his mind, a story to  tell ?, Joe gets right down to it, relating it well. We are proud to have you on eLanka, mate.  Desmond Kelly. (Editor-in-Chief)  eLanka.   BATTLING MONUMENTAL ODDS: – By Joe Van Langenberg   This is an awe-inspiring story of a group of young lasses from Sri Lanka, otherwise known as ‘Paradise Isle’, which the late & great Jack Jersey dubbed his “Shangri-La”. What makes this story more remarkable, is the fact that a group of young Tamil ladies employed as tea pluckers, on one of many tea plantations in Central Sri Lanka, have gained admission to some of the most prestigious universities in the country. Despite working in less- than- perfect conditions, earning barely enough to help keep the homes fires burning, these feisty & determined members of the fairer sex, have triumphed over adversity; carving out a…

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